Piece of a Heart: BRAVERY

Today I braved it out and brought my own CD to the workplace, to my disappointment they didn’t turn it up as I’d hope. After all, didn’t they claim themselves as open minded towards everything? They listen to everything despite poor taste, rock, pop, you name it. Then comes me with a piece of industrial music, thinking that if these people can handle rock they’d be fine with Industrial. Boy was I wrong. They said I shouldn’t be playing this sort of stuff in a family restaurant when:

1) The music was so low, nobody could possibly hear it (and there was no one with hearing aids in my knowledge this day)

2) They play rock music at full-blast, even with people in. I’m talking about a crowd! and this is not Linkin Park, I’m talking about the growler variety!

3) When it comes to being open in places like this, it is absolute bullshit

4) Hypocrites and arses are abound, there’s no avoiding it

So much about them wanting to know what the hell I sing when it’s night time at close-time. Better luck next time.

  1. My workplace won’t play my Hives cd.

  2. Combichrist is only for the brave of heart.

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