The Rise of the Sons: PRODIGY

In the current edition of The West Australian, I read about a nine year old who has recently been admitted to University despite not having enough money thanks to a special grant the University held. The boy said that it was very difficult to communicate to people his own age and hearing this disturbs me because in this day and age where distractions are just about everywhere to tug people away from study, it is easy for a prodigy like this little guy to fall off his study horse, like a teenager who lacked in knowing how to do everyday things and chores despite having to go to an institution at a early age who failed to develop socially because of his standing in life, so to speak. I think it’s better if the parent teach the children these things before letting them out into the world to study and do whatever before its too late. Hell, this nine year old might get a hold of an online game and neglect his studies, like rest of the people with their addictions. Just hope he doesn’t fall into the same hole like everyone else at his station.

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