I’ve gone to many sites and forums, picking up these interesting tidbits, questions and whatnot. Like whether online romances take place between people who obviously know that they’re married to someone else could be a mark of cheating. Or if the power of words only belong to certain people of if a site that always focuses on the topic of pop-culture is really a good thing, despite it’s many stigmas.

Well, on the subject of cheating, keeping a secret like that can totally destroy a relationship that is built on one of the most important things; trust and openess with one another.

The power of words belong to everyone, but again, it depends if you use it a lot often. My peers don’t seem to do that, instead using swearing as a crutch to justify meaning on a subject or whatever they were talking about at the time.

Focusing and specializing on just one subject will be bit bland since everyone else is doing the same thing, take the recent jumps in the creation of animation and games blogs out there, everything there just becomes commonplace. So much for individuality. I remembered a quote about overspecializing.

Homogeneity breeds weakness.

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