Daily Life: SNIPPETS

Yesterday, I went shopping with a bunch of people; a relative, a friend I’ve known since primary school and myself. I finally got my hands on Ghost in the Shell S.A.C: SOLID STATE SOCIETY on DVD which is a limited edition that comes with the O.S.T for the movie itself and the game soundtrack from .hack//G.U which was also nice. I’ve noticed that most of my friend’s shopping tastes haven’t really changed and plus they have a habit of dragging me around too much at times and I still have trouble when it comes to getting a good T-shirt. The rest of the people I knew from high school got average jobs and most of them are married or pregnant. Sometimes I think, am I being left behind in all this? In a world where straight after, you are expected to become a young adult as soon as possible and go forth into the wild? am I really ready for this sort of thing yet? I kept reminding myself of the novel I am currently reading on the train on the way home, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, an English translation.  I called about my Tuesday appointment with — ——, to see if he was interested. But nothing much has happened or changed for the matter.

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