Never in my life I would the grave of light so comforting
As I find something similar that was not inside of myself
And yet it was there, waiting.
Waiting to find me in this dark.
Virgil, Dante, Sade!
This stranger listened and I bade
Talking of the world and ourselves we wade
What a storm we made
Master, this being made me
For I am the one that dares to see
To understand the violently loving things that be
I ask myself, sometimes,
Possibly, maybe,
Was this person really looking for me?

©V. Sade 2007

A little dark skinned lady predicted who would walk into my life after seven or so months, she said this person would be like me, like a mirror of some degree. Usually I am a little skeptic about such things to do with the future, but this time, I’d let it play on. But the stranger is still opposite, and opposites tend to attract some. Romanticist in denial, liker and lover in denial, sometimes I am so silly when it comes to these things! Maybe that is what happens when you’re a skeptic.

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