This is the most heated thing at the moment regarding the whole 35W Bridge incident that happened in America, killing a lot of people. Apparently some crazy dude who could be a relative or a neighbor of the same guy that picketed Fred Roger’s funeral has decided to picket the funeral of those who died at the bridge and as usual, comments like this ensue:

Why doesn’t God do something really useful and rid us of these appalling specimens?

The speed of light limit was caused by gays.
The fact that Pi is not a integer or a rational number was caused by gays.
Gays are the reason that we can’t prove NP=P.

One thing is for sure, these fucktards need a scapegoat to blame this event on, like the time of the Columbine shootings, where everyone blamed the only smart person from the entire documentary apart from Michael Moore, Marilyn Manson and violent video games that incite violent tendencies, of which the study of these theories were conducted several years later. But the recent issue of Time magazine points at the cause of the collapse of the structure in a an American first of the simple lack of ingenuity, which their Government knew about and chose to ignore. It wasn’t until that several years later, that they decided, “Oh, Oops! Our bad!” So before you or anyone else decides to pick on Jews, homosexuals and Muslims for everyone else’s wrongdoings and what happens to your country, blame the yourselves or even better; the Government for letting these fuck ups happen in the fucking first place! I cannot stress this enough!

Okay another thing is, it is strange how one religion claims to superior over the other, like Marcel Duchamp being better than Dali or perhaps Voltaire being better than Dante, because one is more read than the other. But all religions, no matter how good or wholesome they try to be, they all have bloody histories and wars fought in the name(s) of their God(s) and focus on separating other minorities and majorities from them because of deemed “purity” and the case of “I was here first, not you.” But I say that cults are a religion and a religion is a cult. Simple as that.

  1. Amen and Hallelujah! You are so right. Americans will never blame their own government, though (I mean, I will and do). Most watch way too much TV and believe what their government says. Please understand, after 9/11/01 there was a sea-change in public perception in America: Critical thinking became stigmatizing. If you criticize the government, it is akin to striking your neighbor. I disagree with this but I also have to live with it. BTW-I love your blog.

  2. Maybe it’s to prove that they too powerful a superpower to do so and our country (The Land of OZ, Down Under Australia) is following his lead, even though our PM is already quite an arse that should’ve retired by now.

  1. January 1st, 2008

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