Technological Woes: FACTOID

What makes this service so interesting is that it grew out of the fact that Australia’s broadband — to put it nicely — is still very quaint. – Sneakernet Redux on

Well true, given that whether it’s free or not, Korea is still ahead of us in terms of broadband speed, which is sad, while the rest of us get to suffer slow speeds according to Time magazine.

“Downloading movies over broadband in Australia takes some time.”

Yup, all because of slow speeds. When will our dear PM use his brain and give us faster and better broadband than everyone else and also get rid of the ridiculous and damaging IR laws and stop following Bush Jr when it comes to the so-called War on Terror, which has done jack-shit, apart from spreading more fear bordering on paranoia thanks to recent events.

But wait! Doesn’t it say downloading? I thought they wouldn’t be smart enough to encourage something bordering on piracy and the fact that downloading movies is illegal? Odd, now their all turning into hypocrites. Just hope it all gets up to scratch either before me having children or better; before I drop dead.

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