You know what I hate about working in the hospitality industry? People expect you to bring stuff from the workplace to the home which is impossible because of “quality assurance” and the related rubbish (wasting things after a certain amount of time) and of course having someone who is:

1) too expectant

2) too fucking persistant

3) wants some food because she obviously couldn’t get some and buy it like everyone else 

4) too fucking lazy!!

Yes, working in this industry has it’s drawbacks like idiotic/indecisive customers, non-observant customers, drunken fools and hoons and impatient people who should really be shot since they should know better instead of complaining and bitching and so on. Management has gone down from here since the leaving of someone which I’d rather let stay, but couldn’t because it everyone else was not nice, especially people in the same station as her.

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