Respect a man, he will do the more.

James Howell

Thanks to Mai & co from the GabbyRobin site I have become one of their contributors which was quite nice of them since doing a transcription of She Is and a few others vocalized and written by Robin. Cheers, guys! This has done something somewhat beneficial to my ego and plus there’s EgoSurf.

Please wait while we calculate your ego. Isn’t it exciting? – EgoSurf

Damn straight it is!

Results: 1480 pts from Google, 619 pts from Yahoo, 750 pts from MSN and 0 from and technorati.

Total: 2849 pts altogether! Sure, it’s nothing compared to Raincoaster, but it’s still something right? Maybe I should ask a certain somebody on how to become a hit-monger.

  1. 2865 752 1705 (feels like i’m giving out my body sizes) = 5322

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