After looking at the Times. It is clear to me that:

1) This newspaper is not focusing on celebrities no longer
2) They write this that truly concern us
3) They are no longer blind!!

Let us look at the headlines of the newspaper, the first few pages:

“Wonder Drug” Fears
A fit 19-year-old started taking diet pills to lose weight. Three weeks later she was dead.

Well, appearance is everything to their generation, what could I say? The last one who tried this minus the drugs ended up hooked up to a feeding tube with brain damage.

Lazy, drunk — and pregnant
WA teenagers are becoming pregnant in record numbers because they are too lazy or too drunk to bother with contraception, research has found.

They live to party, a party is their life. So I wouldn’t be suprised.

Only 20m away from a killing machine
A perth student has described the nightmare of being within metres of gunfire in the worst shooting massacre in US history.

Well, I don’t know what to say… This guy is very lucky to be breathing right now.

Congratulations to those writers; you have just differentiated yourselves from those who can write what truly matters
and those who can just write the daily, expected celebrity-charged fodder.

On a much nicer, cheerier note, Mai of has posted this, nice!

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