The Big Juggle-Up: BORDERLINES

Finally got out from the dreaded Robot Factory of

fast food today thanks to the manager who was not as Nazi-ish as the other one and I met up with a certain customer I knew from my days at RR. He also apparently worked with RR at one point and told me that it was nothing compared to where we were both at now because of the pay-rate and managers being good, if not better. Inside, I started giggling at the prospect of him being in the same workplace and then hearing his side of the story of me having to leave RR, his story about being there and then here, the giggling turned to thunderous laughter. Ah, the delicious irony makes me smile even now as we both have defected to the other Playing Teams of the fast food industry. I had to bite my tongue to stop the laughter from escaping.

Anyway, I had to deal with the Nazi of the Day by having to (regrettably) put up with the fact that she wanted me to do two big chores at once. I thought rather irritably about her lack of indecisiveness when she was going on about me “not listening” to her orders and obedience. Well, I am not a God so therefore, I cannot be in two places at once, so there. Sometimes that is again, why I struggle with being good towards others, even if I feel that I don’t want to be, because there is so much things to do and even so many people to please after and again, I don’t get assistance with my tasks and very little thanks. But the Other One was nice enough to let me go and give me a few free things, so I shouldn’t worry too much.

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