Little Things: BRILLIANCE

The cause of my woe is gone, it is really good in it’s brilliance, these guys have asked for my contribution. The world seems much better, sorry for my crypticism in this. Even if there is a lighter side to the world, there is always the darkness, still surrounding since the day with tears, bullets and blood. May they have their peace.

  1. There’s a lighter side to the world? Where? I’ve never seen it.

  2. Well, maybe you haven’t really opened your eyes enough. For the lighter side of the world is very, very small, but it is there.

  3. Really? Hmm. You know, maybe I did see it, once. Think I sprayed it with insect kill spray, though.

  4. Then maybe you already have gotten your face covered with mud, seeing how this drags you down that you end up crawling on your arms and legs eventually.

  5. Explains the bad taste in my mouth.

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