Robin #2: SHE IS

I know these guys have beaten me to it, but who cares?

Do you see this way?
See what you should we do?
Inhale cause one to fail…

See instead…
Mystique standing
Way to do, to be told…
Go down there, you see the breeze
It’s all done, send it to…
Because so, their here yes, she heard from them, what have you?-
Be certain fall…

  1. “Because so, their here ” should be “Because so, they’re here”

    You know something?

    I really like that.

    Doesn’t need the “…” things, though.

  2. No, this isn’t my work; it’s the lyrical work of Yoko Kanno and Gabriela Robin, I’m just transcribing the lyrics of the song by what I hear because the real lyrics aren’t printed in the booklets.

  3. That’s a shame.

    You should have taken credit anyway.

    • mai
    • April 20th, 2007

    That looks very different from what is already in the site though, is it ok if we publish it? I am also hearing some things a little differently, is it ok for you to do a transcription collab like this one?:

    The site credits section only contains the names of people who contributed at the start (because I had luxury of time). There are quite a number of contributors who aren’t there, or who don’t want/care to be put there. The people who contribute aren’t really a fixed group. I sometimes even search the internet if anyone has a better transcription than what is already published.

    What I’m hearing:

    Is she this way?
    See should be told (?)
    Inhale consume to hail

    She instead
    She has kept the way

    (I’ll continue when I have more. More time that is.)

    What do you think?

  4. Well, it’s ok to publish mine if you want, but give me credit, ok? As for the other lyrics here, is this song supposed to be a Kusanagi theme song or not? Because from what you’ve wrote, it looks that way.

  5. I’m officially and cheerfully lost!

    • mai
    • April 20th, 2007

    To credit you, I’ll put your name in the lyrics page, plus I’ll make a blog post linking to this page. I’ll just publish your transcription in its original form, and I’ll publish another with what I hear. I think your transcription was made to make sense, while my transcriptions are usually made to sound exactly what is being sang, regardless of whatever norm is out there.

    From watching the animation, the song “She Is” is about Kusanagi…


    …it’s played at a scene where she pretends to be a delicate, high-class hooker. Like an “escort”. So I guess it is about Kusanagi.

    (end spoiler)

    The “She Is” lyrics page will be altered to look like the one for “Some Other Time”, where three people made lyrics, two make sense, one doesn’t. The first one on the page is what actually drove me to build the website:

    Thanks for letting me publish your work, glad to meet another Gabriela fan 🙂

  6. Okey dokey! 😀

  1. April 20th, 2007
  2. April 22nd, 2007

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