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Been around fixing up most of my things for the computer but evrything is okay, even if I have to start over (which I’d rather than nothing) Meanwhile, according to
GracefulFlavor, Apple will be tweaking the GUI for the OSX by making it a lot more spartan and a lot less eye-candy-ish which is quite odd, seeing that the eyecandy is quite… iconic on an operating system (and a well known one) such as this. In other places, a fatwa was placed on a supernatural subject museum in Malaysia not due to (usual) squeamishness but because of being disagreed upon by many muslims. But here’s the thing; before Islam was introduced, both Indonesia and Malaysia believed in animism which is now a part of their nearly forgotten folklore and mythos. I remembered many about the subject of being possesed and about why people shouldn’t sleep near mirrors or doors as a child. It’s strange how people strongly deny a thing that has been with them since ancient times, forcing it out with something else. I guess that’s what we all get when time changes.

    • K
    • April 15th, 2007

    What do you mean GUI for OSX. See I’m not quite familiar with the Mac lingo just yet, well technically but pretty soon I will.

  1. The Graphical User Interface for OSX 🙂

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