Episode III: Medulla/Intruders

I heard these voices inside his heart; the heart of The Drugged and Fallen one, the one who nearly caused my own tumbling into the abyss where my body would have rotted.

He would have harmed my Master as well if this “Ed” had another chance. If you do not know it by now, I do not believe in these entities called gods, besides, why must man, the most destructive creature in the universe, waste his time on a purely self-created thing such as a god? I must ask my Master this.
“Fate…” “Destiny…” “Worlds…”
“So we were the idiots? I couldn’t believe it!” said the being called Nemo, who stopped short of seeing the one who calls himself (with the pompous name I must add) Virgil Ondrej-Nirav Leben, who is apparently his associate of whom he has not seen in an age.
“And we were wondering why he was running into our ship in the first place.” said the Master Mantissa, the crewmember of the Zarathustra Virgil smiled into the sunlight, like a model from a toothpaste commercial of Imminent Dental Doom Without A Certain Brand of Toothpaste.
“Now you know why he-”
“He was actually escaping the death penalty I remember issuing before sending these two-” The Emperor Brien indicated, sweeping his hand majestically with grace towards the said peoples’ direction. “To be exiled.” The wind blew upon his green tie, matching of the plains of near-endless verdigris with the Psychedric monument looming before us in the noon casting its shadows.
“And yet here you are Brien, talking to them!” stated Master Skoll standing beside Vatyr’s grandson with unconcealed sarcasm. Bickering fools, all of them. I felt the winds muss my purple hair, playing along with my Master’s cold, sharp talons, lightly pricking the skin, caressing the strands. He sighed in melancholy at the things around him.
“If only they were as efficient as you…”
“Their own weaknesses are apparent, Master.” He released his fingers from my coloured locks, silently bidding me to rise. He nodded in agreement.
“I think it’s about time we sojourned and went to Stygia, though it will be quite a long trip.” The Emperor spoke as the whole group nodded like puppets. We might as well go with them, they aren’t as competent as they say they are. I heard the Master’s thoughts inside my head. We turned our backs on the pacifists of Psychedric and walked on the ramp.
“You guys! Waaait!”
Not another one. Both the Master and myself thought in unison.

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