Episode III: Medulla/Forgot-Me-Yes

She was here, the one I called Maria. She was still alive! I’d thought the war must’ve destroyed her, but I was wrong.
“Waaait! Wait for me! I wanna go with you!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, hoping only she heard. Winds of the Plains made my words echo around. She signalled the machine beside her to wait up.

“You want to come with us? Do not be absu-” I backtracked for a minute. Wait a sec, is something wrong with her throat? Because last time I checked, her voice didn’t sound that lifeless. The silvery machine waved her words off.
“Maybe he can come with us, Syfa. The more the merrier.” He did his version of a smile to me and beckoned me forward.
“As you wish it…” After that, she kept quiet. The ramp was shadowed and cold, but gleaming. I turned back to face Maria.
“So, where are we going exactly?” Her eyes were red, even in the dark, regarding me with a coldness. Yup, something has changed in her; the war’s effect perhaps?
“Stygia.” She hasn’t even said my name…

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