Distorted Sphere: POPULARITY

...The purpose of this post is not to bemoan the inequality or unfairness of the current WordPress top blogs system, which showcases blogs with a lot of traffic, thus giving them more traffic in an endless circle-jerk of power or to, say, encourage the WordPress.com crowd to pick a random quality but unknown blog and collectively visit it on a single day, thus bringing it to the public eye. Rather, I just want to encourage you to branch out from your common circle of familiar blogs, do a search or surf to a random tag, and find a diamond in the rough you were never aware of.

From Neomeme

Hmmm… as I said on Neomeme about this, I think it’s time that WordPress branches out from the so-called popular people, I mean, come on, aren’t they famous enough already? Usually, it is the “average person” who seems a lot more interesting than you think, despite having a “normal” job and being next to nobody, waiting to be distinguished from the crowd that they wish to free themselves from. Maybe the person’s blog will be be interesting because of the different points of view that a person has on everything and their own life that makes them different.

So, why isn’t WordPress branching out by now after having numerous opportunities to do so? The Blogging Ecosystem or biosphere is getting just as biased as a picture shots people see of the popular crowd in a high school yearbook, I just hope WordPress isn’t going to let be this way forever.

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