I hate it when people ramble on and on, not recognizing their own flaws in the fucking first place, thinking that, “Oh, just because I don’t have any flaws at all, I’m perfect…” Well guess what, buddy? Perfection is in itself a flaw, idiot. I felt very, very incensenced knowing that the others around me are like this, and frankly one of these days, it’s just enough for me to start a punch-up. Especially with older people, because they rant about it a lot more than we do. Ah, well, more insanity later when I’m out of this funk.

  1. Perfection is in itself a flaw, idiot.

    teehee. That made me laugh.

    We all have our flaws eh? Maybe beginning to look upon them as eccentricities and human nature will make us less prone to idiocy and hypocrisy.

  2. Anger is an energy.

  3. Anger is an energy, for good or bad, even if there are some people who disagree. Jessica Doyle, I seriously hope so, but it’s quite far before we all get there 🙂

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