I just realized that the time of month hasn’t happened. Yet I feel quite sick and unwell, trying to chug down some chicken soup (A.K.A Jewish Penicillin) and eat some toasted bread with olive-oil butter as I type this and read this:

The browser is the DOS of the Internet

Can it be true? Are the days of the browser numbered (I hope so). See the announcement by Adobe of Apollo. For me the browser is the DOS of the internet. It served a purpose but that purpose going away. There is no reason to have great web 2.0 applications sitting on top of an oil slick (sorry Marc Andreessen). For sometime I have been thinking of Flash as the “microprocessor” of the Internet without the tax that Intel was able to extract be copy (although how am I to complain about that actually). Lets see what Adobe can do with Apollo. – from here.

Well true, the humble browser has been around for quite a while that it starts to age into something prehistoric like DOS, but then if it goes away sooner or later because of “technological changes” what will take it’s place, I wonder? Maybe the people from MIT and the Silicon Valley should start making Man-Machine Interfaces and cyberpunk-novel inspired gizmos quick before it’s too late. Something tells me because of this slowness of invention, our generation might not see the technology supposedly current for this day and age, like robots and A.I. I wonder if we are all going to revert to using command lines if they don’t know what to do… hmmm…


  1. wa. nosebleed.

  2. Not cool, I still feel like shit 😦

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