Fools’ April: GOODBYES

I wondered how long a person stays in anothers’ life in terms of friendship, and today I’ve realised after one of the most dearest had left for the Eastern States, not long. The reality of it is starting to sink into me, knowing how far he is from me with someone he barely knows from work. We were all thinking about getting drunk and stoned before the leaving date, but the whole suggestion collapsed because of a very early flight the next day when the world is still dark as a bruise and still sound asleep. I don’t whether or to be sad or angry or feel nothing at all like I usually do at these things, letting them heal over. I didn’t even get a chance to say, “Goodbye, have a nice trip…” and so forth, knowing inside, what I really wanted to say was, You’re doing something, really, really stupid for someone your age and nobody is happy about it, me included. And I was reminiscing about doing the whole “road trip” thing. Too late now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to crawl back, even if this was what he was planning to do for most of his life. Well, all I have to say is goodbye, you idiotic, vain turd-wad! My karma has just killed your dogma, waiting to strike at you by a thousand-fold attack of pure, unadulterated bad luck, buddy!

    • K
    • April 2nd, 2007

    Saying “goodbye” is one of the saddest thing to say to someone or something but saying it doesn’t particularly mean you’re forgetting it, maybe for a while but not for forever. it actually creates an opportunity to someone by letting them know the truth and decide if they want to move forward.

  1. and plus everyone sees this girl he’s with as suss, so now that he’s gone, I feel all shitty inside… 😦

  2. People make the strangest choices. Still – what’s that old saying? Oh yeah. If you love someone, set them free – and if they come crawling back don’t take them back because they obviously never loved you in the first place but thought you’d be a pretty good fallback option.

    Do I sound bitter?

    Send chocolate.

  3. That’s what the coming Easter is for! 😛

  1. April 10th, 2007

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