Episode III: Medulla/The Pleasure Is All…

The cult member was dead; it sent a shiver and a sigh of pleasure to me, seeing his heart being devoured by her after shooting him, after being… angry. Everybody stared when she started questing his body for something and used her nails to rip through flesh, letting the blood spill and stain on the dewy grass. Syfa sighed and opened her eyes after eating the steaming morsel, letting the bloodstains remain on her fingers, hands and lips. She stood up, focusing vision and examining the surroundings around her.

“Psychedric… and the Plains. The Gathering is here…” She murmured in the usual monotone that I find welcoming; I could feel her power growing and growing, like a flower waiting to bloom. The others only stared and talked amongst themselves about us — I could hear their words out of earshot. Fools, all of them. I strode confidently out of the gibbering mass and towards her, my definition of perfection. She turned around from looking at the distance and started towards me, eyes aflame with a bloodlust not yet sated.

“Still hungering, are you?” I asked, seeing how she looked at me, expecting. She knelt before me, as expected, keeping her head low.

“Yes; for blood, Master.” I wouldn’t be surprised at this, after all, that drug-addicted fool tried to kill her. It brought me back to the day when she was born… a weak helpless thing, now turned into something more… powerful. But whatever it is, we all have a part in this, the changing world, ever evolving.

“If you are patient, we shed some more blood later on.” I see her now, a pinnacle of unimaginable strength, standing in a pool of blood, righting the world, freeing it of this disease. I looked down upon this killer, wondering how did I tame such a wild thing capable of destruction; she, the dead one, was only a emissary disguised as a soldier after all.

  1. “If you are patient, we shed some more blood later on.”

    Malicious. I like.

    • Edseverripit
    • April 11th, 2007

    That’s the intention 😛

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