I have been Windows (or I should put it either Windoze or Suck-dows) free for one and a half weeks! Daylight Savings is put away for now, even though they shouldn’t have put it on in the first place because it’s rather annoying. I’ve managed to get a SNES emulator running on my PenguinOS and I’m playing Final Fantasy V without a hitch 🙂 I’m going to run WINE soon to play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and see how it goes and do the same for Neverwinter Nights. The music players on this thing is E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T! KsCD plays my Bjork and SW O.S.Ts without problems unlike Itunes and WMP and Realplayer and AmaroK just rocks! and finding the dreaded dependencies are a snap thanks to RPMFind, Freshmeat and SourceForge. Can’t wait for 2007.1!

  1. I loved NWN. Oblivion is better, though.

  2. Neverwinter Nights is just fine, thank you 🙂

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