Well, let’s see, I’ve had weird dreams to do with feet, being trapped in darkness and hounded, talked about wanting to murder people, talked about music and had a shoutout to me and did a few lists of hate and lists of likes. This week has been quite odd too, dreaming about being trapped in a game of some sort, like an RPG. Dream Dictionary, again:


To  dream that you are playing games, signifies relaxation or competition. It may also represent the rules you play by.

Rules, what rules? Last time I checked, my way of obeying rules were on the “grey” side of things. Relaxation? Fuck no, being that I had to cope with corrupting Windows XP a few days earlier and starting up with the Penguin-flavored OS and enjoying it. I’ll get with the pathetic excuse for a “program” that I seem to have on this thing next time I have something, like another HateList.

  1. Everyone goes through a penguin stage. You’ll get over it.

    • Virgilius Sade
    • March 27th, 2007

    Get over it? Na-ah! Not a chance! Bill Gates deserves to be crucified and if he lives, drawn and quartered 😛

  2. Then there’d be four of him. He multiplies at a cellular level. Like a virus.

  3. Only to have new weaknesses being discovered and exploited, like his pitiful skills at “marketing” his own products and somehow managing to support what he dreads most that happens daily in asian countries; piracy 😛

  4. Those wacky asians watch too many pirate movies.

  5. Pirate movies or pirated movies?

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