And the Saga Continues: MYSTERIOUS FOOD SAGA

I just thought about the word Bumbu and figured out that Raincoaster was pronouncing it as BAAM-bu, not BOOM-bu, hence the joke. Then I came across this:

Absolutely nothing of that sort! it’s pronounced as boomboo, not bahmboo. not exactly sure what it’s made from – could be bamboo because it’s shown at the picture of the package, but in malay buluh is bamboo, not bumbu. malay and indonesian language are somewhat similar, but it could be that bumbu means bamboo in indonesian. – Said by Sulz

Well, true, there are differences between Bahasa Melayu and Indonesia (for example, the word for “eight”: BM = lapan, BIN = delapan) and they even borrow from one another as well. Kinda reminds me on how I finally found the meaning of the word/insult of pondan after five years, remembering how we used the word as kiddies growing up.

  1. But there’s a critical difference between sulz’s “BAB”BU and my mild, Canadian “bum” bu.

    It’s made out of bums, I’m telling you.

  2. I’m guessing it could be the “on the street” type of bum, really. Not much beggars in Malaysia. Ground the flesh, mix in blood and… Viola! Instant bumbu sauce/powder.

  3. Cheap, and an endless supply; that would explain why it’s popular here as well.

  4. Yeah… Perfect for people who have a few dollars and need a cheap feed for a day at the office where a supply of water and a microwave is readily available 🙂 Hurrah!

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