Random Thought of the Day: RAINCOAST RAMEN

If soy sauce is made from soybeans and chili sauce is made from chilis,
What is bumbu sauce made from? –
From Raincoaster

Well, I checked it out because of sheer boredom and something too occurred to me in the same fashion (whilst trying to put away the need to rant about the fact that the person spelt the word for noodle incorrectly). Where did the word soto come from? Of course and unfortunately for Raincoaster it has nothing to do with sotong, the Malay word for squid, but we just had to say that, didn’t we? Well, for those who know jack shit about the dish called Soto, it is a wet noodle dish similar to lontong with ketupat in it and of course, like hidden custom, it’s served with sambal. I tried relying on Wikipedia for help too, but found this instead. Maybe it was the sheer fact that it did derive from Sotong Ayam, only that they couldn’t find squid because of going so inland whilst wandering on the influence of Arak or Toddy, trying to find out where the hell Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru was going to be, thinking they would be eaten by Hungry Ghosts or something. Or maybe they were too busy roleplaying Jebat around the campfire. Maybe we’ll never know, like the reason why all these kids decided to go slang on us and confuse us.


  1. I still think it has bums in it.

  2. I think the stuff is like many imitations of Asian dishes, packed with MSG/Ajinomoto.

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