Zero Signal by Gabriela Robin, composed by Yoko Kanno (From the Ghost in the Shell S.A.C: Solid State Society O.S.T/O.S.T 4)


ekutumina, ekutumina, ekutumina, ekutumina-baya
(deshan, deshan perete-paritaye)

ekutumina, ekutumina, ekutumina, ekutumina-baya
(deshan, deshan perete-paritaye)

Kukuterika, kukuterika, kukuterika, kukuteri-

Abalan guush, estabeylan duush,
eden plavena, plonitch schtu vem,
Abalan guush, estabeylan duush,
Meiyumei sigma lijen to-o plomatikaa…

NOTE: I tried to post it up in the Gabriela Robin Site, but unfortunately they haven’t answered, so I’ll put the self-transcribed lyrics here.

  1. Hi, I just saw this post. I’m the webmaster of the site, and I was just randomly visiting links that referenced Robin to inform people that we moved to .

    I’m sorry, I think I didn’t receive your email. I wonder if there was a server problem with Yahoo at that time. Although I have to say that eversince the song was out, two of us had already made the transcriptions. If ever there is a new Gabriela song you’d like to transcribe, you could send me an email using the email(s) posted in the contact section of the site. Or alternatively, go here:

    Have a good day 🙂

    • Virgilius Sade
    • April 2nd, 2007

    Done and done.

  2. just comparing yours with the ones in gabriela robin site… i find you are somehow lost… your lyrics seems to be the less accurate of the three…

    sorry, but that’s what i see comparing the three

  3. Ah, but there’s more than one way of interpreting the lyrics, and getting different answers isn’t a bad thing there 🙂 I’ll probably fix it one of these days.

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