Episode II: Krankhaus/100%

Ed was aiming for the jugular of the girl near the familiar Virgil, trying to cope with being swatted with a sword that seemed to be sentient.

“As I was saying; this drug-addicted person here-” Virgil said as he parried Ed’s daggers, one by one, motioning the onlookers of the Five Masters, their Apprentices and Nemo to this palm-tree headed oddster “is a member of a cult, in case you haven’t noticed.” Ed growled at Virgil after the pale swordsman said that sentence. A realization must’ve hit the Emperor Brien, infecting the others with his telepathy.

“I’ve always wondered why this one looks strangely at the Miss With Guns, now I know why–You were given the task to kill this one who hasn’t done a thing, just waiting for the perfect time to strike.”

“What the Lord has given to me is none of your business, synthetic one.” After that, chaos broke loose, the one with a sword and the other with a dagger brought a battle with them to be finished.

*   *   *   *   *   *

This is guy is strange, his movements were like a jellyfish, winding and twisting and dancing without the presence of water. I didn’t know what was so significant about the lady Illmatar apart from being able to cope with me in the combat department, but no matter.

“Somehow the escape that you pulled coincided with this; the use of many drugs has given you the ability to see past this frame of time…” We danced with our blades as the rest watched, struck dumb. How… incompetent. A growl resounded from somewhere, making my adversary collapse and bleed everywhere. The smell of gunpowder was apparent. She was awake and angry, very angry.

  1. March 2nd, 2007

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