Thunder, Lightning, People: DISORGANIZED NATION

Mac compThunder, lightning, flickering lights. Better avoid them or you will end up like one classmate who decided to not save her work (poor thing)! Apparently the server at the main building went off, leaving people unhappy and a few quite miffed.

keyboardI being ever mindful, saved and was spared, despite my work being not-so-complete. Ah well, stuff happens.

I took the liberty and used my camera-phone today and took these pictures during the class break out of boredom and plus one category hasn’t got it’s share of posts.

Darth Vader, minaturized!!artI decided to go home after class and suddenly this lady comes to me asking money, knowing that I had none on me, I said to her that I couldn’t give her any. A feeling in my gut told me that there was something not-so-right about this stranger, so after declining, I turned to the station, thinking that she could be a “mobile beggar” or (scarily enough) an ice addict. It could be a possibility, because I remembered seeing a feature on TV to do with them.

  1. TV never lies. Drugs are among us. Drug addicts never shower. They smell.

  2. True.

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