A Little Curious: DESTRUCTION!?

That so-called “lovemuffin” of hers (the bonehead) came over today rather unexpectedly and decided to see her. Being me, I asked about the “blessed talisman” and suddenly she blames me for interrogating! Whoa! This is weird! Well, sorry if I ask rather direct questions, but hey, we have know this person’s background before we can get to trust them. I’d thought she’d be old enough to know, but apparently not. It goes to prove that just because you have reached a certain age doesn’t mean automatic “maturity points” hey, I’ve seen adults behave like pre-schoolers when it comes to fights so yes, you get my point. I wonder if it is a certain age that a person learns how to properly behave or is it something else? or maybe their “environment” does that for them in this case. Maybe at this rate, we will never get to know the bonehead. I’ll just leave it to the archaeologists once he drops and turns into a fossil.

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