A Bit of Blood, Tiredness: CYCLE

That “thing” has started for me today and because of it, I feel empty and lethargic everytime I do something, and pangs of pain start coming, shooting from my lower half. Not nice. Sure, I’m doing my job at work, but the cycle of cleaning the dining area is still not breaking despite the randomness and chaos of the place. I dragged in a bag of Jelly Belly today too, so it made the whole task a lot lighter seeming, no matter if it is all illusion, like everything else around me. The illusions that we see of the so-called “happy world” is what keeps us from changing our “worlds of mind” to something or someone that we don’t want it or them to be.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with illusion, so long as it is YOUR illusion. I’ve always liked to not push my illusion onto others, though. Best to keep it to myself. I figure if they’re connected to me, then they are. If not, they’ll drop me and move away and that’ll be that. Happy? That’s just another word for comfortable. When you accept and just allow life to be channeled through you rather than trying to fight its passage, you’ll be happy. As for work – that’s something which will always fight you. You must learn tai chi.

  2. Tai-chi? Er, I’ve tried doing martial arts, but I fell out of it quick. I don’t know how this will go…

  3. The best things in life are uncertain. Tai Chi, though, lifts the spirit and there’s a certain calmness which comes from fluid movements. I find it relaxing and peaceful. Sometimes that’s all happiness is – a moment of fleeting void within moments of rushing chaos.

  4. Quite hard to find happiness with all that materialism these days.

  5. True. It’s up to you if you embrace these things or go with your heart, though.

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