State of the Mind: UNSURE?

Well, relating to the whole subject of making myself better, I’ve decided to write (er… type) about how I feel with certain things. Here they are:

TAFE: I no longer feel alien about the whole thing, since I am starting the whole thing agaoin this year with buddies that I can relate to and talk with.

Parents: I know that they are doing their job to bring us up as good human beings and all that, but do they have to resort to me feeling distant about them because of being helicopter parents?

My sibling: As much as I like her to be happy and have a boyfriend, I don’t want her abandoning us or her long-tine friends for him, because in the end, it never works out.

Myself: Yes, I am still a tad introverted but I feel that something has changed in me… Could be that I have realised that my spine in a sense is fully formed or near? Or is it something else?

Here is a little something….

  1. What’s a helicopter parent?

    Might have to adapt to your sibling, though.

    Family is a funny thing. I never got the hang of mine. To this day I don’t talk to them. I think that’s pretty sad. Introversion is a phase. However, there’s nothing wrong with it if you’re happy. Others complain more about it, but it’s not their business. When you’re ready to let someone in, then you’ll be ready. No point letting anyone in before you are. Same with doing your own thing. Have patience and then you’ll do things for the right reasons, and not just for expecations or others’ opinions of you. The most important person in the universe, is you. Anyone who says otherwise just wants something from you which you shouldn’t be giving.

    Having friends is a good thing. I think, though, it’s the friends who seldom last more than the boyfriends. A good relationship is eternal, but friends all seem to fall away eventually, though it does not seem it now. Friends will always become more and more peripheral. Unfortunately, your sibling may just have beaten you to a phase you’ll have yourself soon. Then you’ll understand the fickleness of friends.

    This is too long. It’s not even my blog! Write your own blog! Leave me out of it.

  2. Why don’t you start your own blog?

  3. I have about twenty. I get bored with them, though. Too much effort. Much more fun to deface other people’s.

  4. Maybe you could start over.

  5. Some things are best left undone.

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