Today was weird! We were going through the normal “drill” when suddenly these guys came in and started taking over and telling us Maccas workers to speed up and stuff, and then they start establishing some sick and screwy New World Order! They were timing and ordering the Managers around too! Wow, I didn’t know those people could push the other people above us. But I was quite miffed, because my routine of being a bit slow was forcefully sped up, I felt quite sick and twisted, again. The first person who I will describe as the seedy type who looks trustworthy but probably isn’t intimidated me because my timing, but they he backed off because I wasn’t smiling; I don’t smile much at work because it’s… distracting. Thank god those idiots last week weren’t there for me to deal with. I got praised for improving at the end but I didn’t feel much glad for it, really. I felt indifferent.

  1. If they want smiles, the should pay better wages.

  2. Hmmm, true. Or get customers to treat us like people, not working robots 🙂

  3. Customers are not worth talking about. You have my sympathy.

  4. Why did you change your name all of a sudden?

  5. I’m always changing. I’m like the seasons…

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