Episode II: Krankhaus/Elixir

“What am I doing here? I’m here to see you, friend.” The blue haired one, Nemo was slightly enraged at seeing this I know, Virgil, the one I have met one week ago, has decided to look into the hidden imperfections of the mind of the unknown called Syfa Illmatar who was now being supported by Virgil’s arm. Is this jealousy or really anger that I see? Possibly a mixture of both. These people, not the others and myself, the Emperor are the key to entering the Shielded World, Stygia. We are all but helpers in this, since we have already done our heroic deeds in the past. I look back into the world of the real, and see the drug-addicted one, Ed, who escaped my half of the empire for obvious reasons. His eyes are like the hypnotized ones to a TV set, glazed and hungry, waiting for something.

“We should put the errors of the past aside for now. Maybe we should pack up and announce that we’re going-” A number of gasps from the  still animate crowd, the sounds of metal holding the grips of one another and a face I have seen has decided to return once again to the defense of another… Could it be?

“You’re a member of the Cult aren’t you? Well, I’ve come with a little warning…” The familiar one murmured.

  1. February 23rd, 2007

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