“Oh sorry, your excused…”

“Would you like to (insert indecency here)?

I am feeling quite sick, actually. Quite sick enough to murder, actually. Most people that I have encountered aren’t very bright, you see, and the ones who are nice are few. I heard, no, received a text message from one “friend” yesterday night saying that he couldn’t come to our family dinner because of the need to pick up a friend from the airport. By friend you mean potential sha-girlfriend, right? Another one, after being nice and apologizing when he made a mess at the floor I just mopped said “your excused” after I said “Excuse me.” to get him to bloody move out of the way before someone trips on a partially melted slushie. A so-called “workmate” kept on asking if I wanted to do something indecent with him and being me, I said no, next he started throwing chips and pretending to do work (i.e: cook the burgers because there was two parties). I threatened that I would have his head next time he did such a thing, of course being the village idiot, he just had to laugh off his head. Well next time, he won’t have any head to laugh out of and that goes for the rest of the population too!

  1. You think guys are bad. You should meet the girls I’ve known. Nice girls are even more rare than nice guys.

  2. Really? Most of them are bubble heads.

  3. No. It’s just the way of the world that nice girls are even more rare.

  1. February 23rd, 2007

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