Hungry, But Still Pissed Off: DEATH TO TRANSPERTH!

You know what I hate about the train system in Perth today? The gay SmartRider system that will be eventually implemented a few weeks after this one and then the security guards swarming into the trains to check if we had appropriate boarding passes/cards/tickets/whatever to stay on board with the old MultiRider card being phased out and ticket machines too, as this new (yet still stupid technology) will assimilate them to make it “easier”. It will be quite a bitch for people to get accustomed to this bullshit and plus to get through the gates, you’ll have to tag on and off, even when you’re not boarding which is a waste of the credits on the card and plus there is no other way of getting around if you don’t have one. I was very close to my home station when a guard came along to check our cards, etc and I remembered dealing with this cunt over my MultiRider card last year over the fact that it didn’t cover enough zones for me to get to Perth. He checked my card and started to sod off, until my phone/MP3 player started to play the song Dear John by Scott Matthew (fans of Kanno’s music and GITS:SAC should know this one) without the headphones plugged in, because I started packing to prepared to get off the train and he accused me of playing it when it came on by accident! Fuck a duck! I hope the rain turns into hail for this idiotic sap as he drives home and breaks his windshields, or something.

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