A Ball Of Yarn, Unraveling: COCOON

Wow, what a start to the year, I know, a bit late. But who cares? I thought I’ve gotten over writing like this, but since it’s getting popular again (trying not to be one of those silly MySpacers), why not? I am still gathering myself, bit by bit after what has happened last year; the falling apart of my college life, the fact that everyone around me hasn’t grown up enough just yet and so on. College is better than it was last year with a lot of friendly greenhorns friends willing to talk to me, so being a repeater, I’m able to guide them around since some of them are fresh out of high school. I am starting to change myself, shedding the cocoon that no one seems to notice, except those who are close to me (or once were), learning not to worry about anything, even if it is bloody Valentine’s today. I had sushi-go-round for lunch at Jaws today with Scott and he said it was my shout next time, LOL. Good to see someone open-minded when it comes to food; I was going for the raw fish/roe combo and the seaweed, so yes. I also found out that I didn’t have to take one module over again, so another bonus. I came home quite content with myself until I had accidentally set off the alarm, oops ^_^;

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