Episode II: Krankhaus/Vena Cava

Now this was getting ugly with a capital U; that weird girl is in some sort of coma, those other guys haven’t stopped their bickering, Old Manty thinks I’m useless, Ed is acting strange just standing there, frozen. I dont know whether it was the hidden drugs he took when we were cruising around or a re-enactment of what happened the other night that he wouldn’t tell us about. To make it worse, Virgil isn’t here too! Everybody else had decided to crowd around the girl to see how she collapsed.

“She has a pulse, but it’s slight and her breathing is slowed, as if she were asleep.” The great Emperor Brien himself checked the current state of the of the girl wearing the colours of blood and despair. Sometimes I wondered what the Emperor looked like when he was human… maybe he looked like an english version of a tree-hugger, who knows. His other companion, the flame-mouthed bastard Skoll just stood there with his arms folded, only his apprentice Edric Vatyr-Leberecht, the great grandson of the Emperor previous to Brien.

“But how did she fall into a coma so quick?” Vatyr-Leberecht wore what looked like a suit with a vest for a top with a red longcoat in the military style, opting to stay close with his Master’s colour scheme. His hair, unlike the rest of them, was nil. He didn’t even try to cover it up. She was quiet for most of this unpleasant gathering, maybe that’s why nobody noticed until now. But this place feels strange, as if He were here already.

“Hm, these ones are quite hard to break. Maybe if I move it a little… What are you doing here, friend?” Uh-oh!

  1. “Hm, these ones are quite hard to break. Maybe if I move it a little… What are you doing here, friend?” Uh-oh!


    • Edseverripit
    • January 31st, 2007

    Taking a long break here 🙂 Um and the fact that I might be collaborating with someone to make a comic anytime soon. I’ll continue a few days before college starts 😛 and maybe I’ll writing up another entry.

  2. Comics are fun. I tried a comic, once. I wasn’t good at drawing noses.

    • Edseverripit
    • February 3rd, 2007

    I can do both, but the noses and stick figures (for prepping) are a real pain!

  3. I can draw stick figures! They do silly dances and witches make them out of sticks and give them out to passing tourists as curse toys.

    • Edseverripit
    • February 6th, 2007

    Stick figures are fun, LOL.

  4. Especially when they burn!

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