Program 11: The Falling of the Snow [ORIGIN IN WATER]

Everywhere the fires are alight, chimneys smoke, snow is a-whirl, making a blanket of chilly diamond dust, the smell of bakes and roasts drift to every corner of the street as well as the sounds of laughter and good cheer. In Acelacen’s victorian-era house, both Vena, Nemesis, Virgil and Giz were preparing the food of the morning: pancakes with berries, brandy, cream and ice cream.

“The snow is water, humans originated from water, did they not?” Nemesis was busy cutting the cherries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries at a very fast rate, chopping them in halves or in thin slices as Acelacen instructed, putting everyone else to shame when it came to slicing. It doesn’t matter what season it is, she still asks philosophical whether it’s for curiousity’s sake or striking a conversation. Acelacen was busy preparing the batter of the pancake stack, mixing it to a smooth consistency and waiting for the frying pan to heat up significantly to cook the batter.

“Well, true, eons ago we were all protozoa, we evolved to fish and so forth, why do you ask?” Nemesis watched as Giz was then being chased around the house by Vena, who tried persuading him to wear an apron in the kitchen. Nemesis herself didn’t know what else to make of Christmas, for this one was her first after all.

“Is that why all of mankind is drawn to rain and water and the seas as a subconscious way to return and be one with their origin?” The antics of Vena and Giz skidded to a halt. Vena sighed, Giz drooped.

“Why don’t you put away those thoughts ’til later?”

“Yeah, you should let go for awhile.” Nemesis was never actually told to let go of thoughts seeing how precious humans regarded them. The tables were set, the diners prepared, Acelacen grabbed the warmed brandy and watched the faces of his guests light up as the brandy flamed, pouring onto the pancakes with mathematically arranged fruits on top.

“Let go…?” She thought about the season and her contrast in thought pattern. Maybe they were right. She followed them to the breakfast table like a child and followed in their ways. For now.

“True, you should, it is the season to merry after all, now gloomy.” Virgil concluded as he played with his meal, looking in the same direction as everyone else at the snowy landscape outside the window.

The End of Deus.Man.Ex.Machina>Inter:Face, for now.

  1. I love the detailed descriptions and the prose with poetry blend. I myself tend to be carried away with descriptions…mostly because I’m horrible at coming up with creative action filled scenes whenever I try to write a story, or even just a fragment of a story.

    I only wish you had an about page or something of the sort to guide readers, possibly tell the readers more about you, and have descriptions of the projects you’re working on.

    • Edseverripit
    • January 11th, 2007

    I’m always lazy when it comes to descriptions 😛

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