Program 10: Groupthink Neural [SUBJECTIVE ARISING]

The city was absolutely bustling with activity, spinning ’round, the towers stands with pride and joy like the people, each one a ruler. Nobody noticed the scientist and his friend as they walked with something resembling the image of man.

“Why is it necessary to express something that can only explained through words or is difficult to explain? Why create subgroups for other feelings when they are derived from the main three that is talked about everyday?” Giz was inside a shop that Acelacen felt quite uncomfortable being in, opting to wait outside by sitting on a bench instead with Nemesis, who was experiencing the hustle and bustle of the city. Nemesis considered these strange and loosely multiplying mammals to be the most odd when it came to everything; the reasons why they must eat, sleep, clothe themselves and express something they couldn’t explain at times and invent, even if it destroys other precious things around them. Even in the summer heat in the crowded city, Nemesis watched as sweat poured out of the face of Acelacen, who chose to wear a black TestyDead shirt with a red bubbling test tube logo on it with matching jeans and a black pinstripe jacket on this day with round-lensed sunglasses and a top hat perched on his head, watching a similar thing happen to many around her with the men and women in business suits, gripping their briefcases in sweating hands. She opted for an opposite in colour and style, a sleeveless white top with big, black buttons and an upturned collar hiding the lower portion of her face with sleeves at the lower arms attached by belt-garters, a pair of dark mirrorshade 57-90s and a pleated skirt that reached above the ankle and fishnets with black boots, quite a vision in monochrome colours.

“Sure, all the others derive from the main three, but the symptom-like description of having that emotion is more different than you think, just like individuality.” Acelacen smiled at the ever philosophical being with a lurking sadness in her eyes. Acelacen never thought of himself as one of those mad scientists out there, being hermit-like and trying to take over world, he considered himself a rogue scientist, an outsider and a deviant. Who wants to take over this rock when you can have happiness? he let his thoughts about it float, wondering how even she can do it with a purely mathematical mind, a bit cold and inhuman. The smell of sweat and barbecued meat drifted in the occasional summer breeze, along with the chemical scents of sunscreen and cleaning agents. Acelacen felt uncomfortable in black and fidgeted with the metal chain he wore on his neck. Only a child carrying a balloon noticed how doll-like Nemesis was, sitting in the same position for some time.

“Really? and how about… children for example when it comes to emotions? I have read a recent article by Professor Mort Manson describing that children acquire souls at the age of ten.” Acelacen jerked up at hearing this after what he read and heard about the gibbering nutcase and his apparent death. Manson alive? No way in hell! But then where did she get that information from? Giz was taking his time in that trice-cursed shop as usual, studying between two well-liked hats. Damn it, Giz! Acelacen gritted his teeth, he was starting to burn out here, what with his condition and all. Acelacen watched in silence as Giz chose to buy both hats and went to pay at the counter. Nemesis studied the friend’s exchange between himself and the lady at the counter, picking up every word, every sign of speech-driven hesitation, variations on tone, accent and pitch and changes in body language and facial expression.

“Where did you get such-”

“Information? From someone called Dante, that is where I received it approximately at 2 o’clock during noon, seven hundred and forty-four hours ago.” Acelacen wondered how she could be capable of communicating to such a person while he was gone. The sound of footsteps was getting nearer from behind him, which stopped with a sudden yelp.

“Ow! Nemmy! What was that for?” The stalking stopped by the fast grabbing of an arm and the slight twisting of it. Nemesis did a glare, replicating the one she copied from the Doctor one day to show her anger towards Giz, thinking he would harm the Doctor. The Doctor sighed, forgetting about the burning sensation of his skin for a while as another breeze came to cool the world around them.


    • JV
    • December 25th, 2006

    Merry Christmas, Ed!

    • Edseverripit
    • December 25th, 2006

    Merry Christmas to you too 😀

  1. ” as another breeze came to cool the world around them.”

    Liked it. Would be more effective without “around them” at the end. Makes it more, umm, mystical/(melo)dramatic?

    • Edseverripit
    • December 25th, 2006

    I put that in because I didn’t know how else to close it off.

  2. It was a good end. Suited it very much. The image is very good. My criticism was merely regarding the length of the sentence which reduced its effectiveness. You have such a brilliant mind which grasps sharp imagery very well. I like that. I’m just trying to offer a bit of advice on how to improve how you get those images from your head into the page. Sometimes, for example, less is more. In this case, did the breeze cool just the world around them, or the entire world? I think the entire world sounds more, umm, important? Like it actually means something. Whereas, just the world around them seems so small and insignificant. In which case, you’d want the breeze to cool the room, or their immediate surrounding, and not the world around them – if that makes sense? If you’d rather I didn’t say these things, just tell me to go away.

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