Program 7: Body Electric [LOVE OF A TRICK MACHINE]

Hope is a waking dream.

He not busy being born is busy dying.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

“So I am truly complete after all. How odd to have a body, to move and be mobile whenever I choose to be.” Her voice had changed since the completion, now being more melodious and less of a buzzing, sexless monotone. “I do not know what to say but what is expected in human society except thank you.” Acelacen glanced at his friend upon him having seen the unnamed female walk out of the activation cubicle, stark naked, unfazed by Giz’s display of shock. He rushed out, failing to make up a valid excuse.

“To have a body and a soul in human society means to truly exist.” They now stood across from one another, both pairs of eyes, one blue, the other red locked in a curious gaze. The gazes lasting for two minutes changed into slowly starting smiles from both faces, lighting up the garish place of the anonymous lady’s “birth”, making it into a strange playground with their own emotions and feelings.

“But how about the other things that makes us worthwhile of being noticed, do those things mean nothing then?” Acelacen sighed at hearing her take another stab at his own verbal counters. He didn’t feel exactly helpless but there was an uneasiness gnawing, as if firing all possible answers for this question-filled argument wouldn’t help at all. But still he shoved it away, feasting on the accomplishment he felt instead.

“I… think that will be enough for us today, I must be named not doomed to remain nameless. Giz is coming in one-point-five minutes to bring me something to cover up what he saw of me earlier.” Acelacen laughed, letting the noise bounce up and down the walls. Giz rushed in as per the born one’s calculations during conversation, loaded with clothing, boots and a heap of other things.

“I swear they’re not mine, Vena made them last week.” It was the same dress that Acelacen himself remembered with the cuffs, buttons and that distinct slit at the front and the boots.

“Very well, I will wear these.” She walked up to Giz and promptly snatched the clothing and the boots from him retreating into the cubicle again to put them on, wasting no time. I wonder what purpose of wearing these garments really serve, the Doctor did not mind me as I was. She sighed as if tired of arguing and proceeded to secure the straps of the sleeved dress and fasten the belts of the boots after putting on the fishnets and leaving her hair the way it was.

“Hey! You don’t look half bad!” Giz looked up and down at her after she came out of the small space and whistled a quaint little tune.

“Why must human beings clothe themselves?”

“Clothing is worn by them for protection from the elements, to preserve modesty and for safety reasons, my dear stranger. I am a prisoner of this trice-damned contraption, the one Giz calls The Maro, my name is Virgilius, but he calls me Virgil.” Giz glared at the colossal tower that imprisoned the unfortunate Virgil fellow, who was trapped and unable to move back into his true home.

“Well, it was your fault for hacking into it for information, you just fell for the bait.”

“So that is why humans wear clothes. It is mandatory.”

“Well, in a sense, yes.” The speakers for the nitrogen cooled machine was gigantic. Giz sighed and gazed wistfully at both the unchristened lady and his prehistoric excuse for a computer.

“I say we give this poor lady a name, you two.” Acelacen whipped up a small notepad, looking for a particular page.

“Got one, Nemesis Akemi Mielli as a full name, first, middle and last. We’ll just call her Nemesis.” Acelacen said, flipping the notepad closed and putting it inside the recesses of his coat.

“Audacibus annue coeptis.” Everyone arched an eyebrow in response to what the being called Virgil spouted, except for the one now named Nemesis who quietly nodded. It’s going to be a bold beginning, you can say that again. The Doctor Oswald Acelacen thought to himself about the inner translation of the quote, the one written by the artificial intelligence’s namesake. Look with favor upon a bold beginning. Hmm…

    • Ben
    • December 18th, 2006

    Cheers mate, an interesting site.

    • Edseverripit
    • December 18th, 2006

    Thanks for visiting, will you come here again?

  1. I already do.

    “Love of a Trick Machine.”

    I REALLY like that. Please don’t say you stole that one.

  2. Also, it might be pointed out that it may not necessarily be modesty, but a need to hide ourselves for which we wear clothes.

    • Edseverripit
    • December 19th, 2006

    Damn it! I should’ve got that! ^_^;

  3. 🙂 Just steal it and take credit. Plagiarism is your friend.

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