contruction complete!

In short, systems of morals are only a sign-language of the emotions

Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.

Science is for those who’d like not remain ignorant and stupid when it comes to facts.

It took a few minutes to get to Giz Fisherin’s place after dodging angry and fast psychotic drivers on a highway on a slippery rainy day, feeling not misery but happiness after all was said and done on his boredom buster in the same room with the one window and the misused worktable, putting the vitals together. Now it was time, for completion. Giz was the only one who was willing to help since everyone else the good doctor rang answered with the words “Oh, I don’t about this…” or ended up being a mere answering machine which drove him nuts because of the exhilaration and impatience he felt.

“Hi, Oz Man! This is Giz! Where are you drivin’ at?” His full name was apparently Gizem Anketin Fisherin, according to Doctor Oswald Acelacen’s secretly kept records, which also tells of the friend’s past exploits and achievements with was less than legal.

“I’m near the end of Inf Highway, Giz. Entering Scion Road which is close to your place. The whole thing here is a surprise in the way of what I took down with me today.” The things had to be packaged like a medium-sized parcels entering from a meter drop before being put into the boot of his car.

“Ah, cool. I’ve got everything just about out and ready: the tank, vat, assembler machines, activators and what other things you asked for, set to your spefs.” Acelacen navigated and turned his way onto Scion Road and carefully looked for a drab-looking metalworks factory.

“Good, better complete everything, though. I’m looking for that drab-looking factory of yours.” both phone-lines, one partially hands-free and one completely hands-free at the other side laughed continuously whilst the other was making his way around.

“Hey! That’s not cool, man!” both connected people said this together like a punchline for a rather corny joke and laughed like hyenas over their lines of communication. The feral yellow lights spilled over the factory Acelacen drove towards like butter on frozen sliced bread, engulfing even the neatest of the buildings and tainting it’s white walled pallor.

“Well, it looks like your nearing the gates Oz Man, I’ll see you later on, okay?” The communications line shut off itself with a click of noise. The car driving along went straight ahead after turning right and going onto the gravel, after the heavy gates opened up. Giz was right there waiting with a few of the other staff members of the facility for both the Doctor himself and The Package. Giz was his normal self as always, jumping around and waving and yelling.

“Hey! Over here! He-reeee!” How typical of him jumping around like a maniac! Hmph. The rest of his kept fairly serious faces as they waited. Acelacen felt happy (and no, he hasn’t been taking mind-altering substances of paranormal magnitudes) and decided to finish the arrival by doing a half-donut in the carpark before parking forward and getting out the car.

“Oz man!”

“Giz!”They both greeted as they always did, punching each other in the shoulder and doing a secret friend handshake that would make Cthulhu proud to have his mark upon both their auras… Or something like that. The boot for his car was of average size, now a bit smaller since Acelacen himself padded it before the trip upwards to make sure nothing inside the the box broke, or the box itself. Giz’s men showed up to help with the box and walk it in into the facility whilst the two friends walked side by side and talked away.

“So, Oz Man, what’s in the box with the dots?” Giz motioned with a hand towards the box on a wheeled tray being pushed into one of the main rooms of the protected complex, being turned into one of the many rooms on the ground floor. Acelacen laughed at how Giz asked him about the surprise in the container.

“A little something I cooked up during my days of boredom. You’ll like it, trust me.” The building wasn’t as shabby as it was on the inside, it just was like the facility Acelacen worked in with the equipment and such, except Giz had lots more of them compared to Acelacen’s place and also equipment that would be deemed less than legal, as well as their unconventional ways of operation. The men Giz sent down to assist opened up the box slowly to be careful with the thing inside marked as fragile before the eyes of the two schoolmates and removed the sparkling object in the very rough shape of a cranium. Giz’s eyes were about to pop out his head at the sight of the thing he was requested to help complete.

“Holy cheese, Oz Man! You made that?”

“Hello. You must be the human known as Gizum Anketin Fisherin. I have no name yet though, but most people who see me call me The Thing.”

“Yeah, the planning and construction took me roughly, a week. Neat isn’t it?” Giz neared the invention belonging to his friend and gingerly touched a metal plate supporting one part of it’s jaw. The room smelled faintly of chemicals as the vat was pulled into operation.

“Yeah, pretty neat, let’s get this thing running. Flip the switch to opposite and then we could really get it finished. But are we going to make it a him or a her?”

“It said that the feminine is more aesthetic than the male, last time I heard from Thing.”

“O-ookay, let’s get this show on the road. ‘kay, people! This is it!” The staff roused their idle tasks and rushed forward, eager to do something of a greater importance.

* * * * * *

The components were separated by the machine assembler arms once The Thing was shut down. Both Giz and Acelacen watched in silence as the brain connected with the eyes and lips of The Thing was inserted into a full-bodied titanium skeletal structure which was open at the head, the bits plugged and wired into different places inside the head with whirring and ticking noises punctuating the quiet echoey room, clad in cement and steel, brightened by lights beyond. The ticking heart was placed after, through the same cavity and wired up. The arms then hauled up the body with the components inside and exchanged the body with another pair of arms linked to the vat the size of a small swimming pool with pliable synthetics, bubbling away. The body was dipped in the solution, giving it skin and sinews, taking a more obvious feminine appearance with the the added instinctive functions to the shell. It was now a her, almost. The skinned-up physical shell was now dumped inside a second vat filled with water of the same size as the first one, cleaning away the excess. The body was hauled up once again by the same pair of arms and put into a cubicle made transparent glass. A complicated activation apparatus descended from the ceiling of the walled compartment via a big hole that opened up above, extending wires of many thicknesses and plug attachments, pushing themselves into the skull activating the artificial mind inside with nothing but the smallest of sparks, with the sudden sprouting of long hair in a vivid shade of green, with some bits short around the face and the opening of the firm fleshed eyelids to reveal irises of azurite blue.


  1. i think i need to read this when i’m not as tired!

    • Edseverripit
    • December 15th, 2006

    True, sleep is good for mind and body 😛

  2. Sweet!

    • K
    • December 15th, 2006

    Lookimg at the skeleton sketch, it reminded me of my biology class in College, we used to borrow a pair of skull and bring it home to study and play some “voodoo” on it with a candle standing on the skully head itself.


    • Edseverripit
    • December 15th, 2006

    What class was this, K?

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