Program 5:Good Listener For An Ear [HEARING BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL]

the ears that hear all

It was lip reading all this time! Wow… I don’t know if I should be concerned or proud. Many open books arranged in a circle was laid in front of the now reading metal marvel, allowing to read by photographic means on the same subject of dreaming.

“It says here that dreams are a mental event made up of activities human do on the day that they are awake, but in another information source here it says that dreams can be a reflection on the human’s unconscious mind, another source states that it is have been described physiologically as a response to neural processes during sleep. Most of these fact tend to contradict one another in stating what a dream truly is. What do you think, Doctor?”

“Well, I believe it in both being an inside process and having a meaning. Sigmund Freud theorized that dreams were a reflection of human desires and were prompted by external stimuli.” It has only been six hour since Acelacen’s last visit; everyone has been a bot concerned for his well-being on account on staying up late and closeting himself from the rest of the staff. He told them not to worry about it, as normal.

“Hey there, Dr .A, You look like hell on feet! Were you up last night?”

“Oswald hasn’t been around lately, it’s scary without him being around here…”

“He wasn’t at the staff dinner last week, weird! I mean come on, who would miss the opportunity to grab some free booze?”

“Is there something a matter, doctor?” the strange confidant knew by the way of his face, the way he just stared off into the distance with his features drooping low. Shaking away those whispers was a lot harder than he’d thought they would be, feeling them in his head felt like being infested by germ-ridden worms, squirming, struggling to move from one half of his mind to the other. The more he thought, the worse they get, even to the point of remembering the day She was… No, not now. I have to focus on this! He quickly prepared a silicone solution and added colourant to the mixture when it was still pliant and then quickly poured the combination of fume inducing fluid into precise moulds in the shape of auricle trumpets, leaving them to set after to working on the more delicate components of audio sensory devices.

“Well, everything is alright now, thanks for asking anyway.” he heard the whizzing and whirring, clicking and ticking of every component at where he stood, working away again at the delicate electrics placed near the setting mould of silicone on the worktable, in the same room with the one window and the dim lightbulb where he would be on most nights and days, crafting away.

“Really?” The voice of the invention of the opposite side of the same worktable sounded neither feminine nor masculine, neither melodious nor grating. He smiled at the way it sounded, not echoing as he expected.

“Yes. Really, really.” Doctor Oswald Acelacen laughed feeling a certain lightness around him, a medium-sized fragment of the happiness of the Entire World raining down on him, making the joyous scientist and inventor work faster on his feet. The whole hearing device ended up being as big as his own hand as he examined the devices on all possible angles before attaching them to the still moving partially constructed apparatus sitting on his desk, moving the green eyes to see what was being done around it. The wearer of the new add-ons lacked the things needed to feel real joy, but nonetheless, the creator supplied it by laughing away very loudly and performing actions called jumping around and dancing, something it didn’t understand completely. Is the poor doctor alright? He is having spasms whilst moving in the upright position! What can I do? The Doctor himself only laughed louder upon seeing the quirky facial expression generated by the doo-hicky propped on his worktable.


“Yes!” The next phase will be the completion phase of the project putting everything together, and for that he will need a little helping hand…

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