Program 3: (A Want For…)[An] Eye For An I

Beauty of the eye is the beholder inside?

Eye of the beholder… beauty, competence. Who quotes garbage like this? Oh, it’s that guy, Laurence J. Pe-

“Hey there, Dr .A, You look like hell on feet! Were you up last night?”

“No, of course not. Why?”

“I noticed that the lights in one part of the floor was still active, that’s why.”

“Must’ve been an error, it happens with the electric grid you know.”

“Yeah, yeah…”

He carefully picked two pairs of eyes with vivid green pupils and hollowed them out carefully from the back, remembering his skills as a model-maker during his teenage years, creating things such as dolls and toys as well on several occasions. After hollowing out the eyes, Acelacen placed the tiny wired-up vision sensors inside, with the small cameras themselves gently pressed into a hollowed out section inside the eyes.

Just like placing doll’s hair thread by painstaking thread. He mused, remembering how frustrating, slow and boring the process can be. After the process was done, he hooked the contraption to the fist sized steel walnut with diodes trapped inside the cube through a drilled hole behind the cube big enough to admit his fingers and the plug-ends itself. The memories of the conversation about the lights by one of the nondescript greenies faded away as he watched the eyes move around side to side, the sign that the whole thing was operational. As all of our scientific ascendants would say… eureka! I’ve done it. Now let’s see… The small workshop on the second floor underground was alive by the pitter-patter of footsteps here and there. He attached all the finished devices together to the computer screen and hearing the completion of his coffee brewing by a distinct whistling noise walks up, his joints aching from standing in one position for so long. Only the smell of freshly brewed coffee could drive the pain of smarting limbs away for the time being, making his effort worthwhile for two equally worthwhile rewards; the caffeinated beverage itself, raising it’s smoky tendrils in the slight breeze and the beeping noise of incoming communication. Acelacen quickly poured in the coffee, added one sugar and rushed straight to the worktable and plopped his behind on a wooden seat, reading the text.

“Doctor… Is that you? You look so nice now that I can see you and every object in this room. Although my sight is in a monochrome palette, it does not limit my sight in any way.” The Doctor slurped noisily on the drink, enjoying the balance between the bitter and sweet, simple and complex, the way a formula and difference like this made the world work, without a hitch. He put the coffee cup on the table and exercised his fingers on the old keyboard with shaky fingers, smiling to himself and the devices before him.

“I’m very happy for you knowing that it works fine, the colour palette for your sight will come later. It has been such a long day for me.” with that, he yawned loudly and stretched his arms and legs and cracked his bones and fell asleep knowing effect of the caffeine would fail.

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