Program 2:(A PArt Of) [He]Art

Heart organ

Rapid beating, sweating of skin, joy bordering on continuous orgasm, feeling of heightened self-worth, shaking of the hands. The gadgets in front of Acelacen was small, chunky and wire-strewn, closed up in two precise cubes: one was beating noisily in the familiar dub-dub-dub-dub, while the other one was blinking lights in different patterns and hooked up to a crude monitor of his own design with speakers, making beep-beep-beep sounds when something was typed onscreen word by word by the thing (Oswald didn’t know what else he could designate it by in terms of gender, not until the project was actually completed) inside the metal shell and plastic cube. He looked at the two inventions he spent working on without sleep through to the dark dawn with pride welling inside his heart, even though his nightclothes felt itchy and toast-crumbly.

“I could use some java right now…” He said to himself and yawned and stretched his arms upwards into the dim lights of his own private half lab, half room quarters. The beeping arising from the display device stopped him from moving off the butt-numbing office chair and stumbling out into the kitchen on the office floor. He froze and read the screen by moving his eyes.

“Good morning, Doctor Acelacen. How are you feeling on this fine day?” it typed on the monochrome paletted screen. The young doctor leapt back to the keyboard included with the apparatus and waited for the blinking carriage of white.

“You work! Your alive! I feel so elated!” He spoke this with true emotion as he typed it all on screen to reply to his prized creation. He thanked his heart for putting light dimmer switches, for he was born with albinism. His breath caught itself in his throat as he watched the text scroll from the left of the screen in reply.

“Yes, I am pretty much functioning, Doctor. Since the day the pieces were stuck together and activated as one construct. Did you put your very heart in me, so to speak?” Where did she learn all that figuratively speaking stuff from? Acelacen thought, looking at the patterns of light changing away. A galaxy of rainbow hued stars lit the room, painting a map of the world on the walls.

“I believe that I did from Day One. I wanted to get you on paper quickly, before you faded away from memory.” Oswald did the same thing as before, reciting the line of text as he typed. The feeling shoots up again, from the heart to the mind. it brought a verse from an old electro song by Little Teenage Riot Virus to mind.

Not so subtle a message to the rest of the body

that’s how I wanted it to feel

As if everyone should know.

How the tears of joy start over

and over, over.

Like the rain that you told to go away again

like the friend that came back again.

Soon enough, you’ll feel the same way too; it comes from inside of me and spreads around

inside of everyone that exists.

Even you.


  1. “Rapid beating, sweating of skin, joy bordering on continuous orgasm, feeling of heightened self-worth, shaking of the hands.”

    I really like how you list things there – like flickering images. I love that style. 🙂

    • Edseverripit
    • December 12th, 2006

    🙂 Again, I didn’t want to get too bogged down with descriptions.

  2. It’s very good, and I like it a lot. Love the pictures, too.

    • Edseverripit
    • December 13th, 2006


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