Episode I: Mezzanine/Teardrop

the psychedelic consciousness of which we all see, now and then“Interesting.” The word that echoes and rings true, to my sudden turn of events. Foe becomes a friend, the conquered a conqueror. Just… interesting. But in my domain of the fleshless, she will remain a prisoner, but alas, I intend to keep this one. Looking above from my vantage point allowed me to study her features; thick, short hair framing her slender face painted with the dark purple juice of mulberries, predatory eyes of red like the blood she craved, now dilated, an equally slender body that deceived me thinking of her being harmless. Yes… I should keep an eye on this one.

“In theory it is the prey who is hunted, but since we are both of the same nature, one of us must assume the lower role.” Her voice was a mesmerizing monotone. Beautiful; the same thing could be said of the lowering of her entire body to meet up with my own; like the descent of a goddess to a mere mortal.

“Loneliness is believed to be the greatest to increase one’s desire. I now think it is quite true.” Humans are the most dramatic, loneliness infected, vain creatures I’ve ever encountered, but they all have their flaws and weaknesses… this one is like a perfect diamond, developed on the outside, but not in, as if something important is missing. Feather-light touches like those of angels echoing a need for companionship. Poor thing. White fabric used as a flag from underneath as a signal of silent surrender, allowing the movement of one pair of lips to meet another.

“Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to love.” Tear drop on the fire being neutralized, black flowers blossom turning to white as they open, reaching for a virtual sun that shoots of prismatic rainbows. The ten words once said by my namesake in times most ancient rings back again, the landscape changing around me to my subconscious will.

“But seduction is not making someone do what they don’t want to do. Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they secretly want to do already. Do you think so?”

“Yes.” Probing into the minds of others was too easy, but this one needed a little more mental barrier-breaking to get through to her memories; maybe that will answer her lack of Completion. Flexible metal rod attachments disengage from my fingertips to allow for interface directly to the brain from the neck.

“….Uh?” The rods started poking through the soft skin and tissue, snaking upwards, slipping in an anaesthetic into her body, rendering the operation into a more simpler task without all the struggling involved.

“Death’s brother, Sleep.” The world around me turned back to white upon my instructions, mirroring the calm that I felt upon putting her to sleep prior to mental engagement, feeling the rise and fall motion of her breathing accompanied by the sensation of her breath on my neck and the wrapping around of her arms around my waist as she lay above me.

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