Episode I: Mezzanine/Inertia Creeps

Exquisite torture machine of my darkest desires…

Something is here, not my Master and the ones among him, and not those newcomers although I detect something strange about the blue haired being they call Nemo and something slightly sinister about the now drug-numbed Ed, the killer popularized by the media in the flesh before me, being held by a machine wearing spectacles after a certain… amusing crisis. The feeling is strange, as if we are being watched from something that is above us all and possibly beyond. I feel a chill going from the bottom of my back, leading upwards to the neck and spreading to the right shoulder and arm, the chill synonymous with cold steel and wires.

“Mmm… Hello… What soft skin you have… I like those tattoos of yours.” My physical body must have been dragged out of the way. I am powerless here. His achromatic hair and electric green eyes caught my attention. His suit, even more so. How annoying. The world surrounding me was nothing but a big, white emptiness, limitless in appearance.

“What an annoyance you are, those are not tattoos but marks, He considers them as not just artwork but as gifts.” He moved from facing me to being directly behind, putting one arm around my neck gently, as if I was the most fragile thing in the entire world, and placed the other hand to the back of my neck.

“Well actually, I’m here to help you and find a certain somebody.” The ministrations done by his lips upon the back of my neck tracing the tattoo pattern whilst making appreciative noises was extremely annoying. At least the feeling of steel forged from blackness in my hands are… reassuring, even in this world of no flesh.

“Oh” He let the exclamation hang for two-point-five seconds “Straight down to business, is it?” One gun placed on a person’s forehead was enough to make them talk after a while. I just nodded after what he said, still feeling annoyed by this idiot who decided to pull my consciousness out of the world of the living.

“Business, indeed. Idiot.” I spat. His brow furrowed, and he let his features reassemble into a slight mischievous smile. This idiot needs to die. Now.

“My name is Virgil Ondrej-Nirav Leben and I’d appreciate it if you lowered your weapon. If you don’t, ahh, well…” I felt something sharp and pointy pressing gently at the nape of my neck, I saw a flicker of it. The flicker of a sword. The sword began to press even harder, causing blood to drip from the back of my neck, staining one part of the massive tattoo a dark red. I closed my eyes and sighed, relishing the sensations. Snitch, he is going to pay for this! He probably saw and heard my reaction. I have almost forgotten how good pain felt to me, almost, but not quite. But still…

I see. Who might this person of yours be?” I let go of the gun and let it float in the air by strength of will, allowing my arm to relax. Too bad Virgil caught the gun in his hands and let it dissolve into nothing… My gun, disintegrated into nothing! But how? This guy was probably hiding how dangerous he was the whole time with his demeanour. I tried to bring it out again, but to my bottled-in horror, could not. I called the more darker and sinister half of the pair. Sinister Apocalypse… the one who shall stain and blacken this side of Eden, be the Snake and do my will. I hurriedly aimed at him and pulled the trigger and pulled shot after shot. Holes decorated this freakish being like many piercings, only in the wrong places. He only smiled as I released more volleys, only to watch him swipe them away to hit the ground, like killing annoying flies.

Well actually, two people; one by the name of Ed and a friend of mine, Nemo.” He caught up with from behind, wrapping his right arm around my neck as he did before and held my other gun, in his hand, crushing it like an empty can of drink. He placed his lips at the still bleeding spot where his sword touched my neck and started to lick up the blood slowly like the sharpness of razors cutting through tender flesh sending a sigh between my lips, a louder moan as he used his teeth to his advantage.

“Pleasing you is too easy. Pain and violence is a way of expressing love, you know.” His words turned into nothing but a fragmented mish-mash of words, gone formless. Through this I felt the true beating of my heart, the acceleration of pulses within my stone-cold body.

“Really? And the shield on Stygi-” He placed his lips on mine and stopped the rest of the words escaping. His lips taste like blood. Through the mirror-like reflections from his tie I saw my own pupils dilate, holding onto him tightly, wanting more of it. I quickly spun around and pushed him over, landing on top of Virgil, surprised that the fleshless world even had a “bottom” to speak of.. Looks like his pristine suit is not going to stay clean for long after my hunger is sated and I am done here.

  1. Movin’ up slowly.

    • Edseverripit
    • December 5th, 2006

    uh-huh 🙂

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