Episode I: Mezzanine/Group Four

four things, two groups.“How can a seed of a flower live in hell without burning out it’s happiness?”

A ship with a motley crew of android, exile Manipulator and cult member moved in the skies towards a mixed geography continent west of the Empire called Janvier, better known as the Zone of Neutrality decides to go in the region of Kelmscott Plains, home of the religion and curiosity driven Psychedric Academy, powered by a Glyph Ground left behind thanks to the ancient warfare and plague of long past called the Miracle Hands of God, hoping for sanctuary.

“Misfortune is a peaceful and gorgeous tragedy, so is life, to some people.”

Two little-known but powerful souls moved their way to the grassier part of the world, thinking deeply about the disease chewing in the sick world around them, moving through hallucinating, coma-claimed, irrational, vain and “God worshipping” crowds of people, one person following the other to a destination only the other greater one knew of, seeing corruption and error in their true colours.

“Please forget, please forget about the indefiniteness of this world, along the road that you wish to walk, there’s a rose-colored catastrophe…”

Three Masters of the North left over from the war, disappearance and exile summoned the part whale, part round aquarium Cyberium from nothing, taking themselves and two apprentices on board, with one Master looking for a potential one who is out there somewhere. For them, the world is… turbulent, but not doomed.

* * * * * *

“Here we meet again, friend.” The ship that can be mistaken as an Empire messenger ship descended onto the grass of Psychedric minutes ago, deploying the companions Master Ghayth knew all too well, plus their own Apprentices, Ashtoreth and Edric. The wind whipped around them, blowing hair and fabric around to dance with it, the sun a perfect shaft of light casting a balance of light and shadow on the idyllic land and the two surrounding islands; Silvera and Silversea, inviting the gulls to play.

“This meeting is for business only.” Syfa knew the meeting of the Masters from the North would turn rather ugly what with everyone failing to warm up his presence, and him to them. One group of three people disembarked from a small ship resembling a blimp. Syfa watched the hatches open, oblivious to the “conversation” of one Master with the other. She listened closely to the threesome coming out of their ship, two people supporting the other.

“What did he end up taking, Manty?”

“I don’t know! You check him for hidden drugs, you lazy excuse for a masterpiece invention!” Human beings can be so difficult, Syfa thought.


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