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Was just doing the norm this morning, surfing before breakfast, checking mail and whatnot and waiting to see if there was a comment on my WordPress powered blog and I saw this comment-link.

Ad Nauseum?? Hmm… I was a bit nervous because of the whole ad nauseum business that doesn’t mean good usually, so I thought, here comes some really constructive criticism, whoo! in a not-so-happy all so frightened way. I clicked on the link set in the comment of
Episode 0: National Awakening/Obliged With Virus and I found this! an entire page about conlang and the topic of slang words which is nice, because the term conlang hasn’t got much attention these days unless it’s D&D or LOTR or even Star Trek related. Plus, people think of us conlangers as crazy or as a bunch of losers with a lot of time and nothing else to do 😦 I remember my first crack at conlang and I’m glad I did it even if it was for my writing only 🙂 This is what JessicaDoyle.ca has to say about the topic:

An artificial or constructed language (known colloquially as a conlang among aficionados) is a language the phonology, grammar and/or vocabulary of which have been specifically devised by an individual or small group, rather than have naturally evolved as part of a culture the way natural languages do. Some are designed for use in human communication (usually to function as international auxiliary languages, such as the well-known Esperanto), but others are created for use in fiction, linguistic experimentation, secret (codes), or for the experience of doing so (artistic languages, language games). These languages are sometimes associated with constructed worlds.

All this is quite true, conlangs are quite hard to do and is quite frustrating at times, there are word generators that allow people to plug in consonants and vowels to make it easy if you don’t want to spend years on one language just to create it. Galwan… now that’s one constructed language (my only one, in fact) that I have been using for some time with are still present in my poetry too, particularly Master and Apprentice Hymn ~ The Bond and Warrior’s Dance which was done a year ago. I remebered for the Symphony Universe that I wanted to use existing Earth languages, but since I didn’t understand them at all, I thought screw it… I’ll make my own language that I do understand and off I went. Ok, enough rambling! 🙂

  1. hey Castharsis… OMG I didn’t think it would read that way to you… ha ha ha. I guess you took the meaning of ad nauseam the disgusting rather than the ridiculous way.

    And by the way the quote is from wikipedia. It’s interesting. I’ve played with the creation of my own language to. I wrote it out by hand and then used a song to illustrate it’s phonetics which i had to read while i was in college a decade ago.

    Your two poems are beautiful! i particularly enjoyed reading “Master and Apprentice Hymn ~ The Bond”, in both english and conlang. It is very erotic.

    • Edseverripit
    • October 11th, 2006

    Erotic? LOL, I never meant it to mean that 🙂

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