Episode 0: National Awakening/Ash Wednesday

A prelude to worse things…

We have tried everything before changing the world slowly with using different power sources, incliding the replacement of all electrical equipment and checking even the tiniest of things inside the circuitboards, but the electrical current went insane and nearly shorted Barossa out just by jumping around in random directions.

“I’ve scouted the area with the Aries-Magellan, the entire continent of Stygia is shielded by the smog-mass and there is a semi-transparent dome above Stygia as well covering the top. Shield-Lancet are useless against the mass and my Against-Shield abilities are useless as well as Glyph-powered Wall Abilities put in various combinations.” The nasal voice of Master Skoll echoed throughout the walls of the stained-glass Dome of Gathered Souls, the western part of the Northern Hemisphere.

“Have you tried a Shield Ability to try and cancel the Stygia shield off?” The voice of my Master, the Machine-Emperor Brien I echoed through the normally silent halls as well as the two of them studied the shield and the accompanying dome completing the seemingly energy-based entity that held many other continents around it on edge thanks to the sudden Announcement to The World done yesterday. There was no response from the other side of the line, only the distant sounds of battlesounding through the walls, even if the Northern Hemisphere is faraway from the Land of Twilight. I rushed out of the Dome of Gathered Souls and fished out a lapis-lazuli stone from my dress pocket and drew a representation of a sea serpent on the ground.

“Cleanser of the impure, restorer of sanity, bringer of wisdom that is me, life giver to my Master’s Elemental Being, I call the Godess Nimue, Bringer of Catharsis.” The familiar black and blue form of Nimue with her ball masque covered face and serpentine body holding a crystal ball balancing on a white Queen chesspiece on one hand and a highly curved scimitar was summoned out of pure nessesity. The skies bled a monochrome as the Godess took to the heavens on this dismal and windy day, towards the Sealed Land of Twilight. The dome of cloud and sky cried tears of ashes, in the shades of black, white and gray, unusually dispersing into… a swarm of… birds?

“Nimue, switch to manual control mode, quickly!” The figure-eight control panel switched from being sleek and featureless into something filled with joysticks, levers, buttons, and switches glowing with lights of many colours suiting the Avatar. I quickly jerked the silver joysticks in different directions, one to head for the sky and the other to turn wildly in circles, creating a cyclone to confuse the multi-shaded creatures and tire them all at once. The spinning tunnel held on whilst I winked the Godess out of the potential battlefield, hoping that I didn’t end up being crushed between dimensions.

    • grimloch
    • October 6th, 2006

    I am really liking this. Especially this episode.

    • Edseverripit
    • October 7th, 2006

    First time anyone got interested in this 🙂

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