Episode 0: National Awakening/Obliged With Virus

Just the beginning...

The smoke and shouts eventually dissipated on the field, leaving me with nothing but a handful of human and robotic soldiers and my most trusted and skilled of five men. The clearing battlefield in the Stygia owned desert island of Torchia was littered with human corpses, with the fate of one purple-haired emissary miss sealed, thanks to being (from what I’ve heard and seen) shot twice in the back of the head, stabbed twice behind the neck and stabbed three times from behind. There is nothing I can do about these deaths, I’m afraid, it’s The Rules you see.

“What is done has been done… we must leave this place to heal and change by itself.” Nobody said anything as we prepared our Avatars (apart from Major Barossa, who had to climb on board Iager’s) and activated them one by one, using individual Sigils. The noises of the moving gears and limbs alleviated the silence of the field.

“Was all of this a big mistake by everyone? Or was it really meant to happen like this? What did you see before?” Ashtoreth, my own student knew about the strange and sudden visions that strike my mind, even in broad daylight which was increasing in the amount of these… things I saw involved with this hell of a mess. I turned around to face her, looking at her slightly disheveled braids with it’s missing ribbons and beads, noticing that my smoke-black cape was ripped during the battle.

“No, they said it was meant to be. The increased visions and The Entities said that we couldn’t change it…” I let my own words trail off into the wind and the depressing landscape. I noticed that Skoll wasn’t so quick to start objecting either. We all left the barren world for the same Hemisphere, but our thoughts were in different worlds altogether: simply put, we had gatherings, but said nothing at all to one another, until…

“I heard a rumour… It was said by millions of humans that Stygia is being slowly consumed by a wave-like black smog, sweeping from the east of Torchia to the main continent of Stygia itself. The black smog, however, is more like a shield protecting the continent and has affected nearby wildlife in some ways.” Both of the Entities representing information and the mass media were with me, Nemo Wissenundklugheit-Vries and Virgil Ondrej-Nirav Leben, standing at ease behind the chairs they were offered and letting the dataflow collected from humans inside their heads work out for them. The gigantic grid above our heads showed nothing but a few cubes shaded in black, representing the A.I entities of the world and one cube coloured in a faded rainbow gradient, representing myself in this realm of information, red shapes showing viruses that manifest as disfigurements, green triangles as codes and many symboled rectangles showing gates that lead from one small place to another.

“Funny, we didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, but when I looked out of my Avatar Unit, the St. Sherwood, the body of the emissary-girl that died disappeared without a trace.” Which is true, the only thing close to anything out of the ordinary would be the sudden increase in static and the slight bumps of turbulence and small miscellaneous malfunctions on the way back to the snowy continent of Cyberia. Virgil was straightening out imaginary crinkles off his white suit.

“The turbulence you mentioned unconsciously in your thoughts didn’t seem like an accident from what information from the remaining survivors we gathered, and from the slowly dying on the battlefield before and after you left your… marks.” The way Virgil talked to me was bordering on contemptously annoying. His partner who seemed a lot more decent took a seat as he talked.

“You have to inform the people of this, Your Knowledge. They need to know that we must switch from using Qeeeep Kiv to Ec, Kufu and Asefu Kiv.” She used the words of one of the most used languages on this planet, Galwan. Well, the blue-haired assiociate of Virgil has a point. I nodded and agreed to her suggestions of switching from using electricity to other readily available power sources.

“I understand, anything else I should know?” Virgil’s red diode inside of his scope-eye glowered in the dimness of the monochrome ocean. There was no hint of smile in this room, none at all.

“Tell the populace to stay away from Stygia and declare it off-limits from this point on. Here’s a list of people who can help you get in the shield.” Nemo passed a small notepad sized sheet of paper across the transparent table that stood on nothingness. The two A.I entities faded away without saying a goodbye which was rather rude of them, but we all have important business to attend to.

  1. October 11th, 2006
  2. October 11th, 2006

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